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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hello, friends and family!

In response to some monthly requests for pics of the kids and our family (Grandma Hepner!), we started this blog spot to share some of the daily, albeit slightly mundane, happenings in the Aguilar family - members Ricky, Blakely, Tomas, Isabella, Mateo, Boo, and Hiro.

We are all happy and healthy. Ricky and I both work at Hewlett-Packard in Colorado Springs, so it's been great actually seeing each other more than in passing for the first time in our seven years together. I am still in school, one year away from finally finishing my bachelor's degree in liberal arts.

Tomas just graduated from Kindergarten with flying colors - he's reading great and starting to catch onto math. Isabella is 4 years old and hilarious in that she is a little fashionista - for her fourth birthday, she wanted an all-expenses paid trip to the mall. And little Mateo just turned three and already is a jock - every year the only thing he wants for his birthday are balls.

So, we're just living in Pueblo biding our time and enjoying the beautiful Colorado summer. I hope you all are doing well and we love and miss you all.


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